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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Box Sized Hugs are a small team who are trying to make a big difference in the world.


Chloe - Hug in a box

Chloe - Is the founder and director of hugs here at Box Sized Hugs, she is the packager and sender of hugs. Having previously battled through some mental health issues, Chloe is passionate and more motivated than ever to make a difference. It was Chloe’s decision to partner with the Mind UK Charity in order to help others suffering from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Chloe enjoys making cute gift boxes for people to send, as she feels a real sense of reward from giving someone a pick me up and sharing the love, making her feel she is helping make a difference.


Dolly - Gift in a box

Dolly - Is the assistant hugger, Dolly is well known for her hugs, and she is often picked up by people and found putting her paws round their neck, as if to hug them like a human. Dolly is super helpful when it comes to packaging the hug in a box gift boxes, as she often chews the tissue paper and treats. If you need someone to cheer you up or make you smile then having a cuddle with Dolly is the best solution. Not only does Dolly assist with packaging she assists with deliveries, as she joins the team on delivery runs so that she can receive extra ‘walkies’. 

Our key motto is: “In a world where you can be anything, be kind’ x