What Is a Letterbox Gift? – Box Sized Hugs

What Is a Letterbox Gift?

Letterbox Gifts: Simply put it’s a gift that can fit through the letterbox! We’ve designed all our Box Sized Hugs to fit through standard letterboxes, helping you to send a little pick me up straight to your loved ones.
From celebrating your best friends birthday to sending a surprise gift to brighten someone’s day, our selection of Box Sized Hugs are here to help:
· Thinking of You - Providing the ultimate hug in a box, this gift is the perfect way to let someone know you are thinking of them. Brighten their day with a beautiful bracelet on an inspirational quote, a nourishing hair mask, chocolate hearts, a crafted biscuit, revitalising tea bag and a personalised ‘Thinking of You’ note.
· Pick Me Up - Send all the positivity your loved ones need with this pick me up box. A refreshing face mask and sassy hair mask will help them relax and unwind, along with a beautifully crafted biscuit and revitalising tea bag. Finish your gift with a personalised ‘Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful’ card that will send all the good vibes right to their door.
· Thank You Box - Created as a way to say thank you to our key-workers and carers, receiving this gift through the post is sure to make anyone feel appreciated. This box of love includes an INC.redible face mask, empowering necklace, refreshing tea bag, Border’s biscuit, rainbow nail file, chocolate hearts and a personalised ‘Thank You for Everything’ card.
· Girl Power - This empowering box is all about women supporting one another and celebrating girl power! Featuring a ‘You Got This’ nail file and a girl power key ring, this present also includes a 7th Heaven Face Mask, Very Berry Bath Bomb, girl power pencil, Love Heart sweets and an inspirational quote to remind them how great they are.
· Happy Birthday Box - Surprise your loved ones on their special day with a birthday box through the post! Treat them to a revitalising face mask, sassy hair mask, crafted biscuit and a refreshing cup of tea. An inspirational quote, Love Heart sweets and personalised ‘Happy Birthday’ card make this present complete.
· Father’s Day - A letterbox gift is a great way to let the father figure in your life know you are thinking of him on 21st June. Delivered straight to his door, this present includes a 90g bar of Green & Black’s chocolate, pair of stripy socks, 2 x Nescafe Gold coffee sachets, a love heart chocolate, Border’s biscuit and a personalised ‘Happy Father’s Day’ card.
· Mystery Box - Bring an element of mystery to your gift giving with this special box! Let us know who your present is for and what your reason for sending it is and we’ll hand-pick 5 – 7 mystery items they are sure to love.


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