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  • 5 Reasons To Send A Care Package

    During difficult times, it is hard to show a loved one you are there for them when unable to see them in person. Sending a care package can not on...
  • 3 Reasons Caring Is A Strength

    In todays society showing your emotions and feelings is often seen as a 'weakness' for both women and men. We are told that if you don't care you ...
  • Wellbeing Gifts

    As avid supporters of Mind UK, mental health and wellbeing is a key theme that runs through all our letterbox gifts. From the stress-relieving Pick Me Up, to encouraging a life full of gratitude with the Happiness Hamper, we also include positive affirmations in every single one of our Box Sized Hugs to empower and inspire your loved ones.  
  • A Hamper Full of Happiness

    We are so excited to share the details of our Happiness Hamper! This gift of positivity is filled with beautiful treats to encourage and inspire a life full of happiness.   
  • 15 Self Care Ideas to Try

    Incorporating time for yourself into your daily routine is a great way to relax and recharge and you might even find a new hobby that you have a secret talent for. Here are 15 self care ideas to give a try…
  • How to Create a Home Spa Experience

    Gifted with a Pick Me Up box? Turn it into a full experience by creating your own home spa for the evening!

    With your revitalising face mask and nourishing hair mask in hand, transform your home into a relaxation parlour with these top tips...