Sharing is Caring – Box Sized Hugs

Sharing is Caring

Sending a Thank You to Carers This week is Carer’s Week and alongside giving us the opportunity to say a huge thank you to the thousands of caring professionals working tirelessly across the country, Carer’s UK is shining a light on the incredible role unpaid carers play.

Since the start of Covid-19, an additional 4.5 million* unpaid carers have taken on the courageous duty of caring for relatives or friends and this week is the perfect chance to celebrate them.

Sending a gift through the post is a great way to show your love and send a virtual hug. A small gesture can make all the difference to put a smile on someone’s face and our Thank You Box is designed to do just that! Crafted to fit perfectly through the letterbox, this box of love includes an INC.redible face mask, empowering necklace, Pukka tea bag, Borders biscuit, rainbow nail file, chocolate hearts and a personalised ‘Thank You for Everything’ card.