Lockdown Friendships – Box Sized Hugs

Lockdown Friendships

5 Top Tips for Staying Connected with Friends During Lockdown

It’s National Best Friend Day today (8th June) and while we may not be able to give our besties a big hug this year, we’ve been thinking about all the ways we can send virtual hugs instead!



Here are our five top tips for staying in touch with your best friends during this time:

1. Get Messaging

Finding those little ways to say ‘I’m thinking of you’ can have a huge impact to brighten someone’s day! Without our usual daily social interaction, sending a quick text or tagging your friend in that social post you know they’d like is a great way to show we are here for each other and can provide a little pick me up to make them smile.

2. Be There to Listen

Lockdown rules may be the same for all, but our experiences of this time will be as individual as we are. Being there to listen is what friends are for and can make the world of difference. Whether supporting our key worker friends, helping those who live on their own settle into a new routine or providing comfort to our friends separated from loved ones, listening can help lighten the load.

3. Arrange a Socially Distanced Catch Up

We can’t beat real life face-to-face contact and arranging a socially distanced walk or a catch up in the park is a wonderful way to bring a smile to your friend’s face. Although it may be air hugs for the moment, getting to see our friends even from a distance has such a positive impact for our mental health.

4. Schedule a Regular Call

Video chats and calls are becoming the new way to socialise! They are a great way to catch up with friends and having a regular call booked in will give you something to look forward to.

5. Surprise Your Friends with a Gift

We all know how lovely it is to receive something out of the blue, so surprising your best friends with a gift in the post is sure to make them feel loved. When we can’t be there to give our friends a hug, sending a hug in a box is the next best thing!