Box Sized Hugs ETSY Shop

Box Sized Hugs ETSY Shop

We’ve always put our customers at the forefront of our minds when making our gifts and we believe giving is one of the most heart-warming gestures one person can make to another. No matter the occasion it’s important to celebrate those nearest and dearest to you with a carefully chosen gift. Not only do we offer our carefully chosen Letterbox gifts on our website but also on our Box Sized Hugs ETSY Shop.

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Finding that perfect gift may seem daunting but rest assured if it's a gift for a family member, someone special in your life or maybe even a gift for yourself, you’ll find our special range of thoughtful, loving letterbox gifts perfect for every occasion. When buying a gift on our Box Sized Hugs ETSY Shop make it even more wonderfully personalised by adding your own personal message.

Letterbox gifts have taken off as popular little presents to send to friends and loved ones during the lockdown, and they’ve continued to be the perfect way to send a gift from afar. No what matter your budget is, we’ve got a range of hand-pick beautiful, wrapped gifts that can easily be sent to someone’s front door (because everyone loves a surprise, right?). We currently have over 20 different boxes to choose from (which we regularly update) and we are always adding more boxes of love to our little shop. We’ve already sent over 10,000 Box Sized Hugs letterbox gifts to our lovely customers through our Box Sized Hugs ETSY Shop and we’ve loved packing every single one of them. We offer free shipping on all our boxes, making it even easier for you to send a surprise gift. We love being able to give back to our customers for their support and we regularly run sales on our ETSY Shop with up to 50% off – keep your eyes peeled!

As avid supporters of Mind UK, mental health and wellbeing is a key theme that runs through all our letterbox gifts. Box Sized Hugs are proud to support Mind UK by donating 10% of profits to this amazing charity. Every box that is sold, shared, spoken about is helping to diminish the stigma around mental health. You never know what is going on in someone’s head, so stop the judgment and start sharing the love.

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Whether you want to send a Thinking of You Hug, a Birthday Hug, A Get Well Soon Hug or just a box of love, we’ve got the perfect gift for you. Spread the love and send a thoughtful and unique present with Box Sized Hugs.