9 Letterbox Gifts to Send Your Friends – Box Sized Hugs

9 Letterbox Gifts to Send Your Friends

What better way to surprise your friends than with a letterbox gift through the post! From sending a pick me up to celebrating a birthday, here are 9 gifts you can send through the post to brighten someone’s day... 

  1. Pick Me Up
    This uplifting gift will help your friends relax and unwind with a refreshing face mask, sassy hair mask, beautifully crafted biscuit, Pukka tea bag, Love Heart sweets and empowering quotes to motivate and inspire them.  
  1. Thinking of You
    Deliver a hug right to your friends door with a beautiful bracelet on an inspirational quote, a nourishing hair mask, chocolate hearts, a crafted biscuit and a revitalising tea bag.
  2. Boss Babe
    Celebrate your friend’s successes with the boss babe box to let them know what an amazing job they are doing! Give them all the motivation they need with a new notepad, flamingo pen, Candy Kitten sweets, Womankind Pukka tea bag, empowering bookmark, crafted biscuit and a beautiful swan keyring.
  3. Thank You Box
    Ideal for saying thank you to our keyworkers and carers, this gift is sure to make anyone feel appreciated! We’ve made this box of love complete with an INC.redible face mask, empowering necklace, Pukka tea bag, Borders biscuit, pretty nail file and chocolate hearts.
  1. Happy Birthday
    Make their special day even better with a birthday present through the post! Spoil them with a revitalising face mask, nourishing hair mask, beautifully crafted Borders biscuit, Love Heart sweets, refreshing cup of tea and inspirational quotes to make them smile.
  2. Girl Power
    Inspire your friends with an empowering nail file, girl power pin, nourishing face mask, very berry bath bomb, girl power pencil, Love Heart sweets and inspirational quotes to remind them how great they are.
  3. Vegan Box
    Not only does this Box Sized Hug include vegan Candy Kitten Sweets and a plant-based Nakd bar, but it also has an inspirational notepad, happy bee coaster, flamingo pen, unicorn nail file, empowering quotes and a ‘You are Loved’ ring.
  1. Get Well Soon
    When you’re feeling under the weather, there is nothing better than receiving a thoughtful gift through the post. This hug in a box is made complete with a beautiful crafted biscuit, refreshing Pukka tea bag, nourishing face mask, hand soap, Nakd bar and some empowering quotes to let them know they’ve got this!
  2. Mystery Box
    Tell us who this present is for and your reason for sending it and we’ll do the rest! Bring an element of mystery to your gift giving with 5 -7 surprise items they are sure to love.

Each letterbox gift is made complete with a handwritten note to let your friends know just how much they mean to you.