7 Top Tips to Increase Your Productivity – Box Sized Hugs

7 Top Tips to Increase Your Productivity

Increase your work productivity with these 7 top tips…

  1. Create a to-do list
    Writing your tasks down frees up your mind and is a great way to make each project more achievable. Decide which order to work through your list and tick the tasks off as you go for a sense of accomplishment throughout the day.

  2. Tackle one task at a time
    Fight the urge to switch between tasks and give each one the time and energy it deserves. This will help to focus the mind and you’ll find you are getting through that list in no time!
  1. Take breaks
    Taking a screen break can really help increase productivity. A change of surroundings is sometimes all it takes to think about a task in a different way and see a new solution. Be sure to write it down and then get back to enjoying your break.
  1. Create a dedicated workspace
    As working from home becomes the new normal, it’s easy for the work / life boundaries to blur. Creating a dedicated office space can make it easier to switch off at the end of the day and have some much-need relaxation time.
  1. Tidy desk, tidy mind
    The space you work in can make a huge difference to the way you tackle tasks. Having a cluttered desk can lead to picking up and putting down too many tasks all at the same time, whilst keeping your desk tidy as you go along will help focus the mind and get you through that to-do list.
  1. Listen to music
    When there is a project that needs your full attention, putting headphones on and listening to your favourite music can tune out all the other distractions and give you the motivation you need.  
  1. Sharpen your stationery game
    Having a new set of stationery waiting to be used is a great motivator! Smarten up your desk space with the Boss Babe box, which includes a motivational notepad, beautiful swan keyring, inspirational bookmark, fancy flamingo pen, Borders biscuit, Womankind Pukka tea bag and vegan Candy Kitten Sweets. It also makes for a great surprise gift to give any friends who have been working extra hard during lockdown.