4 Websites & Apps for a Mindful Life – Box Sized Hugs

4 Websites & Apps for a Mindful Life

15th August marks National Relaxation Day and to celebrate we’ve put together our four favourite websites / apps for incorporating mindfulness techniques into your daily life…

  1. Mind
    Top of our list is Mind UK charity, who provide valuable support for those struggling with their mental health. We are hugely proud to support this charity, with 20% of all Box Sized Hugs profits donated to Mind UK.

    The charity website is filled with useful resources, including an informative section on mindfulness and top tips for adding relaxation exercises into your routine. 
  1. Headspace
    Full of useful ideas for bringing mindfulness into your daily life, this app is a fantastic resource for reducing stress & anxiety, improving sleep and learning how to mediate.
  1. Mindful
    Delving into all aspects of mindfulness living, the Mindful magazine is filled with interesting articles and advice that will make it easier than ever to find the right relaxation techniques that work for you. 
  1. Calm
    Designed to improve your sleep, the Calm app is all about decreasing life’s stresses and adding an element of mindfulness into every day.