4 Ways to Celebrate a Birthday in 2020 – Box Sized Hugs

4 Ways to Celebrate a Birthday in 2020

As lockdown begins to ease, here are our favourite socially distanced ways to celebrate a birthday this summer:
1. Host a Garden Party Keeping in mind the latest numbers for gatherings and social distancing guidelines, take the birthday celebrations to the garden this year!
Decorate the garden with balloons and bunting to make it extra special and rather than one large birthday cake, create a table full of individual treats to make it easier for your guests to help themselves.
2. Organise a Surprise Video Call Make your loved one’s birthday extra special with a surprise video call from all their favourite people. When you can’t be altogether to celebrate, a virtual get together is the next best thing to make it a birthday to remember
3. Send a Birthday Message Similar to the video call, gather together special messages from their nearest and dearest to create one long birthday message they can treasure. This is ideal for marking those milestone birthdays and letting them know how loved they are.

4. Post a Gift If celebrating in person is not on the cards this year, receiving a birthday gift in the post is sure to put a smile on their face! Our Happy Birthday Box fits right through the letterbox and we can also include a ‘don’t open until’ note on the box to keep it special for the big day.


This box of love is fully loaded with a revitalising face mask, sassy hair mask, crafted biscuit and a refreshing cup of tea. An inspirational quote, Love Heart sweets and personalised ‘Happy Birthday’ card make this Box Sized Hug birthday present complete.