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3 Reasons Caring Is A Strength

In todays society showing your emotions and feelings is often seen as a 'weakness' for both women and men. We are told that if you don't care you will never get hurt, or if you hold no expectations for people you will never experience disappointment. However, to be vulnerable and to speak out for what you truly believe in takes the utmost strength and courage and should be celebrated not denied. 

Men are often conditioned to believe that they must be the provider and must not show their vulnerability. Women are often seen as 'too sensitive' when they speak about their feelings and what they care for. I believe there must be a shift in communication where everyone is in a space to listen and to be heard.

Why Caring Is A Strength

1. It allows you to build relationships with others and yourself:

If we shut ourselves off from the world because we are too afraid of what the response may be, we will forever live in a state of constant doubt and confusion. Humans are born to express themselves through their work, creativity, relationships and experiences and to deny your feelings and voice is to deny completely giving yourself over to a person. To build relationships, communication is key to be able to grow, being able to express what you care for and what you do not, is the first step to building a happy partnership with someone.

We must also be aware of the communication we have with our internal dialogue. It is important to align our beliefs and cares with our core values to make sure that the noise of the outside world does not send our mind into a state of chaos. The relationship we have with ourselves should be nurtured and grown everyday and we must acknowledge the goodness within us.


2. Caring About Your Life Will Lead To Success

When it comes to your job, starting a business, building friendships and relationships being true to who you are and expressing your core values is a vital way to let people in. Having self-awareness and learning to communicate will lead to the greatest success, remember the law of attraction. 


Quote by Tony Robbins


3. Caring Ultimately Makes You Happier.

Let's face it, having real emotional connections with others lead to a more fulfilled life. One of the most amazing things we can feel is the love from someone else. To know they care for you and your wellbeing is a powerful gift that everyone has access to. 

Remember to love and care for everything in your life, it will make you stronger than you will ever know.  

"In the flush of love’s light, we dare be brave. And suddenly we see that love costs all we are, and will ever be. Yet it is only love which sets us free." - Maya Angelou